Surfer may have broken world record after riding 30m wave

Surfing the swell was like ‘running away from a raging bull’

Surfer Tom Butler believes he has broken a world record after riding a massive wave at Nazaré in Portugal.

Onlookers estimate the swell was 30.5m (100ft) - which if confirmed will easily beat the last world record of 24.4m by Brazilian Rodrigo Koxa last year in the same location.

Butler (29) said surfing the swell on December 14th was like “running away from a raging bull”. In a social media post, the professional surfer said he was “blown away” with all the attention.

“It’s a magic ride that I can keep in my memory bank forever. I never go out in the water trying to break any record, it’s not really a personal goal of mine. I just want to surf big waves as much as possible and do what I love.”

Butler will have to submit photographic evidence to the World Surf League (WSL), which will confirm if he has broken the record at the WSL awards next April.

Originally from Cornwall, Butler has been surfing since age 10. He has won various titles including the world record for the tallest wave in 2014. – Guardian