Dublin 8: ‘transformed for the better but needs more apartments’

Former city planner says capital is ‘far too given over to cars’

Una Mullally talks to Kieran Rose, a former senior planner at Dublin City Council, about development trends in the capital, cultural spaces, social housing and how we could make the city better. Video: Kathleen Harris


A former city planner has said the Dublin 8 area is undergoing improvements but suffers from a lack of apartments.

“The Liberties was always a mix of commercial, industrial, brewing, distilling, textiles all that kind of stuff - and residential,” Kieran Rose the former city planner in charge of Dublin 8, told Una Mullally of The Irish Times.

On a walk through the area, which is “being transformed for the better” they found much to be admired, with former derelict sites being developed and new hotels and student accommodation.

But, Mr Rose said: “What is not good is the lack of apartments being built.”

If he had a magic want what would he wish for? “Much much better facilities for pedestrians”, he said. “Dublin is far too given over to cars.”