Eir warns public of new scam targeting phone users

Automated calls claim internet connections have been ‘compromised’


Phone users have been warned of a scam in circulation involving automated calls claiming to be from telecom providers suggesting their accounts have been compromised.

The calls typically come to landline numbers and when answered, recipients hear a message suggesting their internet connection has been “compromised”.

The message then urges phone users them to dial one to be transferred to an operator, who will be able to “secure” the internet connection.

If the target of the scam follows the instructions played in the automated recording, they are transferred to a human being who attempts to extract a payment from them.

In a statement released on Friday, eir said it had become aware that some of its customers “are receiving spurious automated calls pretending to represent Irish Telecom providers and claiming that their service has been compromised”.

The company said it was “not currently engaged in any outbound activity advising customers of such of an issue”.