Lidl swimming pools to go on sale despite ‘save water’ appeals

Green Party TD says he is ‘surprised’ the retailer is pushing ahead with promotion

Irish Water has urged people to use water responsibly. File image: Getty

Irish Water has urged people to use water responsibly. File image: Getty


Lidl has said it still intends to proceed with a controversial sale on 7,500 litre swimming pools despite conservation appeals from Irish Water in the midst of record-breaking summer temperatures.

The discount supermarket has said its filtered pools would go on sale as planned next Thursday.

However, their sale comes amid heightening concerns over water use and consumption as the country continues to bask in a period of prolonged sunshine.

Earlier this week, the sale of swimming pools had provoked some requests for Lidl not to stock them.

Green Party TD Eamon Ryan told The Irish Times he was surprised by its decision to proceed with the sale, adding that the pools had become a symbol of the debate around water consumption.

“It’s nothing for a company to withdraw a product. I am surprised they haven’t done it,” he said.

“You don’t have to do a special (offer) on them. I shop in Lidl myself and you are always looking out for a bargain. I am quite sure sales will spike.”

The supermarket, however, is not intent on changing its position and pointed out that its pools are no different to others on general sale in retailers.

“Lidl Ireland will be selling the Bestway Steel Pro Swimming Pool with Filter Pump next Thursday 5th July as advertised as part of our special offers,” it said in a statement.

It “features a pool cover, pool surface skimmer, synthetic cartridge filter pump and floating chemical dispenser meaning water does not need to be emptied and refilled after each use”.

People in the Dublin region are now using more water than can be produced to meet daily demand.

A spokeswoman for Irish Water said it has appealed to the public to think about their water consumption and use it responsibly. Paddling pools should be kept shallow, she said.

The utility is also reducing water pressure at night time to stave off shortages.