No compensation for air passengers affected by Ophelia

160 flights cancelled in Dublin. Duty-free has closed. Some parking costs are being waived

Ophelia has caused major disruptions in air travel today. So far hundreds of flights have been cancelled or delayed, affecting thousands of people’s plans.

However, no compensation is payable for flights cancelled due to weather. Compensation of between €250 and €600 is usually payable on top of the cost of a flight when the flight is cancelled or delayed. However, this is unlikely to be paid to passengers affected by Ophelia, as weather incompatible with the safe operation of a flight is exempt under passenger rights legislation.

It is important to note, however, that airlines will refund the cost of flights or will rebook passengers on other services – according to the passengers’ preferences.

All airports around the country have had cancellations and delays.


Dublin Airport

The airport is open and operational all day but more than 160 flights to and from the airport were cancelled on Monday. Aer Lingus, Ryanair, British Airways, Air France, CityJet, Emirates, Qatar Airways, Luxair and KLM have all cancelled flights to both Europe and the Middle East.

The retail outlets and duty free in terminal one closed during Monday afternoon. Some outlets for perfume and cosmetics remained open in terminal two. Some food outlets are open in both Dublin terminals.

Car parking costs are waived for people whose flights have been cancelled, and additional charges for people whose flights have been delayed are also waived.

Bus Éireann and Airlink have cancelled services until 7pm on Monday. The Aircoach services to Belfast, Cork, Greystones and Dublin are cancelled for the rest of the day.

Cork Airport

Most flights from Cork Airport were cancelled on Monday; some flights departed early on Monday morning. "As Storm Ophelia grips the South of Ireland, and on our 56th anniversary of operations at Cork Airport, passenger safety has always and will continue to be the paramount consideration at Cork Airport," said Cork Airport's Head of Communications Kevin Cullinane.

Some flights will operate into Cork Airport on Monday evening: Ryanair Palma and Stansted flights; and Aer Lingus flights from Birmingham and Manchester.

Shannon Airport

At Shannon, 16 flights were cancelled, both inbound and outbound, a mixture of UK and European flights, and one transatlantic from Newark by United Airlines. The Delta New York flight was diverted to Dublin and will operate from Shannon tomorrow. The airport expects to be fully operational on Monday evening but that will depend on the airlines. Some catering outlets and duty free shops are open in Shannon at time of writing, and airport authorities expect to be back to business as usual on Tuesday morning.

Shannon Airport said on Monday at 5.30pm that is was “cautiously optimistic that the worst effects of Ophelia are behind them”.

A spokesperson for the airport said: “Shannon Airport remained open throughout the day and experienced a number of flight cancellations and delays, but we are beginning to see a slow improvement in the weather conditions and are cautiously optimistic that the backlog of delayed flights will now begin to resume throughout the evening and tomorrow.

“The Aer Lingus London Heathrow flight EI385 landed at Shannon at 4.13pm and a number of transatlantic services with Aer Lingus and Norwegian Air, delayed from earlier today, have been rescheduled for tonight.”

Ireland West Airport

All flights at Ireland West Airport were cancelled on Monday. Passengers will need to contact their airline for refunds or rebooking. Business as usual on Tuesday, at time of writing.

Belfast International

There were many cancellations and delays at Belfast International, though the airport continues to be operational. Dozens of flights have been cancelled and most evening flights have already being cancelled.

Belfast City Airport

There has been significant flight disruption at Belfast City Airport with dozens of flights to Britain cancelled.

Additional parking fees will not apply for those affected by flight delays or cancellations due to Ophelia. Go to the parking desk in the terminal on arrival for assistance.

City of Derry Airport

The final few flights of Monday evening from City of Derry Airport have been cancelled. Business is expected to run to normal on Tuesday.