‘I’m with The Girls. We’re getting along like doughnuts and Blanchardstown’

Ross O'Carroll-Kelly: Honor has set up a review site, Sorcha tells me. It’s called Rate My Playdate

I get the coffees in. We’re talking one grande macchiato, one tall macchiato, four skinny cappuccinos, two skinny lattes, one skinny vanilla latte, one ristretto and one flat white. Yeah, no, I’m in Cinnamon in Ranelagh with, I can’t believe I’m even saying this, but The Girls – and, it has to be said, we’re getting along like doughnuts and Blanchardstown.

“I was thinking of getting Invisalign braces,” Gráinne Lessing – as in, Hester Lessing’s old dear – goes. “Oh my God, I hate my teeth!”

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