I find Prince Harry marginally less odious than the rest of his royal tribe

Hilary Fannin: And it’s probably a good time to wish him and Meghan the very best of Irish

Prince Harry tells the BBC that his late mother Diana would have been 'best friends' with his fiancé Meghan Markle, who showed off her dazzling three-stone engagement ring that memorialises Diana.

So you want to be a princess, do you? No? Oh right, sorry. All that twirling around the ballroom in a pair of glass slippers and kissing frogs on top of a perilous pile of pea-prod mattresses was just a musty old fantasy of my own, was it? 

Maybe you didn’t spend great swathes of your childhood tottering around in your mother’s patent-leather high heels with the tablecloth wrapped around your skinny shoulders. Maybe you didn’t sit under a wigwam constructed of the sweeping brush, the mop and the yard brush, with a candlewick bedspread thrown over the shaky frame, eating jam sandwiches with the crusts cut off, holding your pinkie in the air and threatening to have Action Man beheaded for daring to turn up to your tea party in nothing more than his khaki bandana?

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