Irish in Britain: How will you vote in the election?

Share your views: Who do you think should form the next government and why?

It’s only days until UK voters to go to the polls and vote in the next government. There have been many promises from all sides. Boris Johnson’s team are confident that they are cruising to victory next Thursday. But will the gap narrow between the Conservatives and Labor as the election day gets closer?

Irish Times Abroad wants to hear from our readers living there. Are you engaged with British politics? Who do you want to see forming the next government? Who do you think will win and why? If you have a vote, how will you be casting it? If you don’t, how would you vote if you could?

Send us your opinions with a few lines about yourself (where you live in the UK, your Irish connection, and occupation). A photo is optional. A selection may be published online or in print. Thank you.