Wire app offers a secure alternative to WhatsApp

Messaging service is built on publicly viewable open source code with GDPR in mind

The recent WhatsApp security flaw that led to the installation of spyware has many users worried. An update may have been issued but some might be looking elsewhere for a suitable messaging service. One alternative is Wire, a Swiss-made platform with end-to-end encryption.

What is unique about Wire is that all security audits are externally conducted and the resulting reports are available to download from their website. It is built upon open source code that is also publicly viewable and therefore open to any savvy user (or security expert) to peruse and scrutinise.

Wire is also different in that it doesn’t force you to use a phone number – you can sign up via email only if you prefer. Another bonus is the ability to either delete messages locally on your device or select “delete for everyone” to scrub the message from all participants’ devices – and it is possible to set a message to automatically delete anywhere between 5 seconds and one day.

The creators claim Wire is designed with the GDPR in mind: “We treat it the way we want our personal information to be treated – confidentially. We do not share, rent, or sell your personal data with third parties, and we do not have access to the content of your conversations.”