Waterford company develops app to help pub customers ‘socialise safely’

Ordee app will let patrons see if space is available in pubs and restaurants

The Ordee app will cost publicans and restaurateurs €99.99 a month. Photograph: iStock

The Ordee app will cost publicans and restaurateurs €99.99 a month. Photograph: iStock


A Co Waterford company has devised an app which would allow consumers to book space in pubs in light of social distancing requirements established by Government.

The Ordee app, which requires frequent updates from publicans so that consumers can know if there is space available on their premises, has been designed to allow patrons to “socialise safely”.

Speaking generally about technology in the sector, Licensed Vintners Association chief executive Donall O’Keeffe told The Irish Times that the sector is “becoming overwhelmed with guys with tech solutions”.

“There’s a wave of innovation coming and I’ve no ability to see which one is going to work and which one is not,” he said, adding that he believes “technology is going to play a bigger role in pubs”.

“I’m aware of two that are actively working on an app that where you arrive into the pub the food and drinks menu will be downloaded on to your phone and you pay from your seat and order from your seat,” he said.

Listed as a venue

The Ordee app, which will cost publicans and restaurateurs €99.99 a month, requires that the business sign up and then be listed as a venue on the app. The user can then check the list of venues in real time to see which have available space.

Success of the app is likely to require significant uptake from both the sector and consumers. Mr O’Keeffe said: “Publicans are actively exploring how technology can help them manage space, manage orders and it is pivot point for those pubs whose customers are tech savvy.”