Privacy web cam covers: Formalise the bit of tape covering your cameras

Tech tools: Cover the phone camera you carry everywhere with you

Privacy webcam covers
Ever since Edward Snowden hit the headlines with his revelations about just how deeply spy agencies were capable of prying, we've all been a little paranoid about our technology. Not to the extent where we will get rid of it mind you, but a cover or a bit of tape over the webcam on our laptops makes us feel a little more secure.

Of course that doesn't solve the problem of the camera you carry almost everywhere with you. Yes, I'm talking about your smartphone, the one with a microphone and camera that has almost unfettered access to your life. But one tiny piece of plastic can solve at least half of that problem: Privacy Webcam covers from Firebox.

They come in a pack of three so you can also sort out your laptop and tablet, and they stick straight on your device. Or you could crack out the black tape again.