Timeline: Intel still growing as it marks 30 years in Ireland

Company employs nearly 5,000 people and has invested $15bn in its Leixlip facility

Intel employs nearly 5,000 people in Leixlip

Intel employs nearly 5,000 people in Leixlip


Intel is this year celebrating 30 years in Ireland. The company has invested $15 billion (€13.6 billion) at its Leixlip site to date, where it employs 4,900 people directly. By its own estimate the company claims to contribute €1.08 billion each year to the Irish economy and supports 6,669 full-time equivalent jobs.

1989: Intel announces decision to locate its European headquarters in Ireland at a former 360-acre stud farm in Leixlip, Co Kildare.
1990: Assembly begins in temporary premises.
1991: The company begins construction of the Fab 10 facility in Leixlip.
1993: Intel Ireland manufactures its first computer chip.
1994: Fab 10 opens officially.
1995: The company announces plans to build another factory in Leixlip, this one is called Fab 14.
1998: Fab 14 opens officially.
2000: Intel announces new $2 billion Fab 24 facility.
2001: Construction of Fab 24 is halted in March due to the global economic downturn. About 1,400 construction workers lose their jobs although construction resumes just over a year later.
2005: The one-billionth microchip is manufactured in Leixlip.
2006: Fab 24-2 high-volume semi-conductor manufacturing facility opens officially .
2009: Intel closes Fab 14 facility.
2011: Chip giant begins a $500 million (€454 million) refit of its Leixlip factory.
2014: Intel marks 25 years in Ireland and reveals a €3.63 billion spend on a three-year upgrade of its Leixlip plant. It is described as the largest single investment in the history of the State.
2017: A proposed 90,000sq m facility is granted planning permission.
2018: Intel headquarters signals in December that it is gearing up to expand its Irish operation.
February 2019: Intel submits a planning application for a 110,000sq m development which it plans to tack on to the facility that was given the go-ahead in late 2017.
November 2019: Company welcomes granting of planning permission for its proposed new semi-conductor fabrication facility”. The decision comes after multiple objections filed by local farmer Thomas Reid are dismissed. 

Should the proposed “fab” go ahead, the project could mean Intel adds up to 1,600 staff locally.