The robot that takes cares of your garden weeds

Tech Tools: Tertill cleans up your flowerbeds

Tertill ($249)

There are already robots to take care of your floors, your windows and your lawn; now there’s one that takes care of weeding. The Tertill is a solar-powered device that will hang out in your flowerbeds or veg patch and keep a close eye for rogue plants. It does a daily sweep for weeds poking their heads up in your garden, whacking them with a spinning string trimmer before they can become established. It’s not some sort of super-intelligent robot with superior gardening knowledge though; it distinguishes between plants and weeds based on height. Specifically: weeds are short, plants are tall. Those plants that don’t fit that criteria can have a collar fitted to prevent the Tertill from accidentally strimming them. It’s weatherproof too, and connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth.