Amazon’s Echo Show turns Alexa into touchscreen device

Tech Tools: Device gives video news flash briefings and can make video calls

Echo Show is launching on Amazon on June 28th, though it’s unlikely it be available here immediately

If you like the idea of the Amazon Echo, you may be interested in the Echo Show. Due to hit Amazon's site on June 28th, the Echo Show builds Alexa into a device with a video screen.

Instead of voice-only flash briefings to keep you up to date with the news, the Show will give you a video news flash. You can also watch YouTube, look in on compatible security cameras, catch up on to-do lists or see what’s coming up weather-wise.

You can call people with an Echo Dot (few in Ireland, as it’s not officially available here yet) or make video calls to people with the Alexa app on their phones. The bad news is that it’s unlikely to be available here immediately, going on Amazon’s recent product releases, but it may be one to watch for the future.