Tech Tools: LG’s autonomous robot sanitises with speed using UV light

Cloi UV-C robot has built-in sensors to deactivate ultraviolet rays around people

We are all a bit more conscious of germs and hygiene these days, thanks to the ongoing pandemic. But never fear: big tech may have the answer.

At this year’s CES electronics show, LG unveiled (virtually) a new autonomous robot that can quickly and effectively sanitise surfaces using ultraviolet light. The Cloi UV-C robot uses ultraviolet C light to zip around a public space, such as offices, classrooms or waiting rooms, and sanitise it in about 30 minutes.

Safety lock

But if you are worried about being exposed to the rays, LG has built in sensors that will activate a safety lock when the robot detects motion within a 5m radius, stopping it in its tracks.

And, of course, the entire process can be managed through a mobile app.