Still on iD mobile? You have until Friday to move network

Customers will have a limited service, but face complete shut-down in near future

Photograph: iStock

Photograph: iStock


Customers of Irish network iD Mobile risk losing their service from Friday if they do not transfer to a new provider.

Some time ago, the company, which is in liquidation, set April 6th as the last day the network would offer a full service to the remainder of its 40,000 customers who have yet to switch. This follows a decision by parent company Dixons Carphone to close the mobile virtual network operator.

From Saturday, customers will able to receive calls and texts, but not make phone calls or send messages. That service will last for a limited time before the network is turned off completely.

Users who do not move their mobile network in time are also at risk of losing their mobile phone number.

A spokesman for the company was unable to give an exact date for the total shutdown, but urged any customers who had not made arrangements to move their service to do so in the coming days. He said most customers had already changed network, but did not say exactly how many were still using the iD service.

Dixons Carphone made the decision last month to wind up the telecoms operator after it failed to attract enough customers to be viable. The company had targeted 250,000 customers but only signed up 40,000. Launched in 2015, losses at the MVNO rose to €25.2 million. Dixons Carphone said last year it would seek a buyer for the network.