Sphero Mini Soccer: Play table football, bust through asteroids, create code

This ball is packed with robotic technology, app-enabled and tons of fun

Sphero Mini Soccer €60
Paying €60 for a football, let alone a mini one, may seem a bit much, but the Sphero Mini Soccer is no ordinary ball. It is packed with Sphero's robotic technology, is app-enabled and will keep you occupied for hours. Or at least 25 minutes. On the inside, it has a gyroscope, accelerometer and customisable LED lights. Pair it with the app and you can get on with some table football, use the Mini Soccer as a controller for games in the Sphero Play app – busting through asteroids, knocking down blocks and so on – or set up a one-on-one with a friend. There's an educational element, too, with the Edu app allowing you to create your own code and, consequently, your own games. sphero.com