Outdo Ellen DeGeneres with Pi Solo’s 187-degree selfies

Calling itself ‘the best selfie camera in the world’, this is one to bring along to the Oscars

Remember Ellen DeGeneres's Oscars selfie from 2014? For a few years it was the most-retweeted tweet (until #NuggsForCarter blasted past it) due to packing in the most fabulous celebrities in one photo. Now imagine Ellen had been able to fit in more than 100 actors and entertainers. If she gets on Kickstarter and backs the Pi Solo selfie camera, DeGeneres will definitely be ready for next year.

Pi Solo describes itself as “the best selfie camera in the world” because of its 4k resolution lens with the ability to capture images at a very wide angle of up to 187 degrees. It’s not just a phone attachment but rather a standalone device that comes with a lens cap, neck strap and protective pouch, so it can serve as a phone lens augmentation and can work on a tripod, by itself around your neck or, using the magnetic backing, snapped on to a metal surface.

There are some nice visual effects including Little Planet, Surround, and Panoramic, and a night mode for capturing low-light scenes. Pi Solo is set to ship by the end of November and can be packed from $179 (€150).