New tracker harnesses the power of Bluetooth 5

A new tracker coming to the market opts for Bluetooth 5, which is faster and goes farther


Most trackers work via Bluetooth, which means they have a limited range. Go outside that range and you are reliant on a network of community members to find your lost item. But technology, as ever, advances at a fast pace. Bluetooth 5 is here, and with it, faster speeds and longer distances. That’s why TracMo, a new tracker coming to the market, has opted for Bluetooth 5 for its device.

You can find items up to 120m away – conditions depending – and the app promises to give you an easy-to-follow path to its last known location. That means no more sleuthing and guesswork to locate your tracker on a map, if it goes out of audio range. TracMo will also integrate with Amazon’s Alexa to allow you to find your tagged items, and will also work with Hue and Nest to control your lights and heat as you come home or go out every day.