Android Oreo brings 2x boot time, picture-in-picture mode

Depending on manufacturer, the update won’t roll out until early 2018 in some cases


Google cleverly timed the release of its latest version of the Android mobile operating system to coincide with Monday’s solar eclipse. Version 8.0, known as Android Oreo, was already available as a public beta for a limited number of compatible devices including some Pixel and Nexus models but - depending on the manufacturer - this update won’t be rolling out until early 2018 in some cases.

In any case, new features include Picture-in-Picture so you can carry out video chat while checking your calendar or mail. Notification Dots allows users to tap on an app icon to quickly check new responses, messages or likes and swipe them away without leaving the home screen while Instant Apps allows you to run apps instantly without installation.

Oreo also brings with it welcome tweaks including improved battery life with better background app management and twice the speed in boot time as well as a slew of redesigned emoji and over 60 brand new ones.