Russell Brand’s new podcast gets under the skin

Articulate comedian serves up an interesting mixture of content

Russell Brand is a (self-confessed) narcissistic celebrity but there is something undeniably charismatic about the articulate comedian whose new podcast Under The Skin is a mix of intellectual interrogations, social justice advocacy, musings on his drug addict past, and a soupcon of cheeky London laddishness.

In interviews with cerebral heavyweights like Naomi Klein and former US vice-president Al Gore, Brand can mostly hold his own, sometimes seeming a little overenthusiastic in his interjections on how to solve world problems but never coming across as arrogant, elitist or unintelligent.

Those hoping for silly stream of consciousness utterings like his earlier work on BBC Radio 2's The Russell Brand Show will only be slightly disappointed. The braggadocio about bedding other celebs and plans to conquer Hollywood is gone but I think he probably still believes he is the second coming of Jesus. Thankfully, he doesn't take it too seriously.