Make a list and share it twice with Facebook Collections

Web Log: Feature allows you to easily save posts in one place and share them with friends

Facebook has launched a new collection feature

Facebook has launched a new collection feature


Facebook’s collection feature is ideal for making a list and sharing it twice. As you browse through your timeline it is easy to add products to your Christmas list and share with selected friends and family as a subtle way of saying: “It’s the season of giving, so give me all of these”.

It works better, perhaps, for planning a party or meal where you’re curating a list of recipes or food items. After sharing with friends, they can amend the list and add to it.

Technically, the ability to create collections on Facebook has been around for the past year: after saving a post you can choose to add it to a collection, but this was limited and only allows for gathering content in one place. There wasn’t the ability to share with specific people and invite them to edit the collection. Since the update is being rolled out in the next week or so, you may find that this is the version you’re seeing right now.

If most of your older relatives are on Facebook (trust me, they are) it’s probably worth using for planning family gatherings, sharing a wedding registry, and so on. Finally, Facebook is embracing its older demographic.