Macaulay Culkin rebrands as social media, podcast star

Star of ‘Home Alone’ has re-emerged with a wacky website and a podcast with celeb guests

Macaulay Culkin, left: on the podcast the former child actor is relaxed, chatty and open

The #cleaneating #blessed crowd have Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop where you can buy overpriced zip-front denim jumpsuits whilst trying out some non-evidence-based “detox” diets. I prefer Macaulay Culkin’s Bunny Ears, an aspirational lifestyle website if your aspiration is to, like, chill.

After years in exile, Culkin has re-emerged with a wacky, satirical website and a shiny new podcast with celeb guests (remember the skateboarding stoner from Clueless?).

Anti-clickbait, Onion-esque headlines include: “Does he like you or does he just need your soul for a spell?” and “Tide pod recipes for the depressed”. You’re not going to find any “ five fruits for glowing skin” pieces here.

The podcast – same name – is fun too: Culkin is relaxed, chatty and open with his listeners and seems remarkably well-adjusted for a former child star who legally emancipated himself from his parents and was married and divorced by the age of 22. For Home Alone fans, there's plenty of nostalgic talk about the 1990s, his old movies, and favourite video games and music from the era.