Gussy up your smartphone with Nova Launcher

Web Log: Android launcher offers a range of pleasing customisation options

If last week's weather-induced cabin fever has taught us anything it is that there are only so many ways to rearrange the spice rack once you've binge-watched all of Netflix.

Android smartphone owners could have been whiling away the hours rearranging apps, streamlining and gussying up their homescreen with Nova Launcher, one of, if not, the most customisable Android launchers on the market.


Nova Launcher comes in a free version but you’re better off spending the fiver and getting the full range of options. This ranges from changing the look and feel of your phone through icon style, shape and size and customising the animation when you tap on an app (eg make it slide up or sideways, zoom in or out, or blink).

Even notification badges for unread messages can be tweaked. “Desktop” or homescreen layout can be adjusted to squeeze in numerous apps of leave it spartan with the option of a permanent search bar of different shapes and sizes.


Alternatively, if you're looking for a change but would rather something simpler (and free) then the Microsoft Launcher is another great choice.