High-tech Zee pillow aims to curb your snoring

Tech Tools: €230 pillow also plays music and records your movements in your sleep

Zee pillow, priced £200 (€234)

I’m not entirely sure that the humble pillow is something that needs to be injected with a dose of technology to make it smart. I would usually settle for “comfortable” over “smart” but the march towards making even the unlikeliest products high tech continues.

So we are where we are. And where we are is a world where your pillow will not only play your music but it will also help curb your snoring. How? By using a microphone to detect snoring and vibrating the pillow gently, the pillow will encourage you to move position and (hopefully) stop snoring.

It’s a more civilised way of elbowing you in the ribs to get you to shift in the middle of the night The pillow also records your movements in your sleep so it can figure out when the ideal moment is to wake you in the morning. Oh, and its makers promise it’s comfortable too. Which, given the £200 price tag, it would want to be.