A reusable water bottle that cleans and cools your water

Simply press a button and UV light eliminates most harmful germs

Quartz: get two months from a single charge

Quartz, $79

It’s obvious that our habit for bottled water isn’t helping the environment. Reusable bottles are the obvious solution, but what happens when your water source isn’t up to scratch? The Quartz bottle is not only reusable and insulated to keep your drink cool, but it will also clean the water you put inside it through UVC light. It has the handy function of keeping the bottle clean, too, putting an end to musty receptacles. Simply press the button and in 60 seconds, the UV light will have eliminated most harmful germs. It activates every four hours, so if it’s empty the bottle will clean itself. It charges over USB and can last about two months from a single charge.