Ausdom AW615 webcam: Look and sound your best in that Zoom meeting

Tech Tools: This high-definition webcam will get you on Zoom, Skype and Teams in minutes

Since it looks like we will all be working from home for a little longer than we thought, it might be time to invest in a webcam for all those Zoom meetings you’ll be doing (and the quizzes you’ll be avoiding).

The Ausdom AW615 is a high-definition webcam that comes with a noise-cancelling microphone, a bendable, flexible clip that allows you to position the microphone almost anywhere you like, and it works with almost every social media platform out there.

It is plug-and-play, so within minutes you can be on Zoom, Skype or Teams. It’s also compatible with a range of operating systems, from Windows Vista and above to Mac OS 10.6 or newer.

Because it is plug-and-play, set-up was simple. It was a matter of plugging in the camera and then choosing the new device in the settings of the various video conferencing software.



The 1080p video resolution means there is a bump in quality, with the 65-degree field of view meaning you get quite a lot in. The Ausdom AW615 automatically adjusts for exposure changes, although there was noticeable grain at lower light levels.

I also had to manually focus the camera on a couple of occasions. It was simple enough, but it meant the camera probably wouldn’t suit anyone who needed to capture movement. That rules out exercise classes, for example, where you’d be slightly out of focus quite a lot.

The camera’s clip is flexible and bendable, so you can position it as you’d need to. The camera can also be rotated 360 degrees, so you have a bit of flexibility. It lacks a tripod mount, however.