Regulators at loggerheads, any German bank mess and making comfort key for work wardrobes.

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Helen Dixon, Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner. Photograph: Cyril Byrne / THE IRISH TIMES

Helen Dixon, Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner. Photograph: Cyril Byrne / THE IRISH TIMES


Germany’s data protection commissioner says his Irish counterpart is being overwhelmed by the caseload and the lack of resources from Government. Derek Scally writes on tensions between regulators.

Sticking with Germany, Depfa, the Irish-based German bank bought by Hypo Real Estate just a year before it ran into funding problems in the wake of the collapse of Lehman Brothers is on the block again but ratings agencies say it is “structurally lossmaking”. Joe Brennan has the details.

Better news for the Irish owner of the well-known Smith & Wollensky chain of American steakhouses is expanding its business in the US with a recent deal to acquire three restaurants in Boston. Charlie Taylor has the details.

Convenience retailer Centra says it saw 4 per cent growth in sales last year and expects more of the same in 2020. Musgrave doesn’t release profit figures for the group but Peter Hamilton speaks to Centra managing director Martin Kelleher.

In his first column after the formal departure of the UK from the EU, Chris Johns notes that economics has become collateral damage in the cultural war that is Brexit.

Ireland’s manufacturing sector started the year on a positive note, expanding for the first time since October and at the fastest rate since last April. Charlie Taylor reports.

Pilita Clark takes a look at a list of best and worst dressed men and wonders whether the time has come to buck convention and dress for comfort in the office.

Finally, Irish data scientists working in conjunction with a Kilkenny start-up have developed an image recognition algorithm that will save vets and farmers considerable time and money in identifying parasites in their herds. Charlie Taylor reports.

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