Irish consultancy wins multimillion euro Kuwait deal

Fehily Timoney & Co will prepare tender documents for water distribution system

Fehily Timoney & Co, an Irish engineering and environmental consultancy, has signed a multimillion euro deal in Kuwait. As part of the deal it will design and prepare tender documents for a major water distribution system for Kuwait city in collaboration with its partners.

The significant deal with the ministry of electricity and water is Fehily Timoney’s first project win in Kuwait. It will partner with Arab Engineering Consultants and Dublin firm Nicholas O’Dwyer Ltd to deliver the 17-month-long phase of the project. The new pumping station being designed will handle an amount equal to twice the annual water supply requirements of Dublin.

At least half of the total project revenue reverts directly back to Ireland. As many as 16 Irish jobs will be generated over the lifetime of the contract, according to Eamon Timoney, managing director of Fehily Timoney & Co. The company already employs 50 staff.

Work has already begun on the design and contract documentation of the main potable water pumping station, trunk distribution mains and supervisory control and data acquisition systems for the water distribution system for the Doha area of the city.


The present water complex for Kuwait city produces 670,000m3 a day, which is significantly more than Dublin, which currently produces 540,000m3 daily.

Kuwait also has to rely entirely on saline groundwater and seawater to meet its water supply requirements as it does not have any natural freshwater resource available. Meeting growing needs was critical as the average water consumption levels in Kuwait were very high, averaging at about 470 litres a day, Mr Timoney said.