Irish businesses told to ensure continuity in supply of goods after Brexit

Heather Humphreys says Brexit could cause delays for goods supplied through UK

Minister for business, enterprise and innovation Heather Humphreys. Photograph Nick Bradshaw

Minister for business, enterprise and innovation Heather Humphreys. Photograph Nick Bradshaw


Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation Heather Humphreys has urged Irish businesses to ensure that they won’t encounter supply-chain issues post-Brexit.

The Minister issued a call to businesses to contact suppliers and service providers to get assurances about the continuity of the supply of their goods and services after the UK leaves the Eropean Union in March.

“Whether a business is a construction company, local beauty salon, bakery or even an Irish base of a multinational medical device company, it is crucial that they check their supply chains for vulnerabilities to Brexit impacts,” Ms Humphreys said, flagging that there’s just six weeks to go until the UK leaves the EU as things stand.

“They should check to see if their suppliers use the UK as a landbridge to move their goods. If they do, this might cause delays and increased costs after Brexit. If they have any doubts about continuity in their supply chains, they should contact their Local Enterprise Office,” she added.

The department flagged financial supports of up to €2,250 which businesses can use for professional advice on specific Brexit issues such as supply chains and currency management.

Meanwhile, the outgoing chief of a peace fund spoke to the Press Association about his fears around the impact of Brexit, saying tensions are already being felt, particularly in Border areas.

“Free movement of people across the border is essential, I would have concerns around that and the knock-on impact on border communities that already feel isolated becoming further isolated,” said Adrian Johnston who was chairman of the International Fund for Ireland for six years.

As things stand, the UK is expected to formally leave the EU without a deal on March 29th, although talks are due to continue next week.

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