Cross border trade reached all time high of €7.4bn in 2018

Subsequent to strong results, 44% companies said they’re in growth mode


Cross border trade on the island of Ireland reached an all time high of €7.4 billion in 2018, a State funded cross border trade body found in its latest survey.

In a year dominated by Brexit discussions, the result is seen as particularly strong and appears to have been followed by further growth, according to Intertrade Ireland.

Of the 750 business surveyed across Northern Ireland the Republic, 44 per cent said they were in growth mode while 42 per cent said they were stable.

Meanwhile, 27 per cent of companies noted plans to invest in staff while 31 per cent said they intend to invest in marketing.

Recruitment remains an issue with 22 per cent of companies citing lack of appropriate skills in the workforce as a growing concern while 27 per cent said they had difficulties recruiting the right employees.

And there is slack in some businesses with 29 per cent saying they operate below capacity and a third of micro businesses saying they’re just about breaking even.