Cartoon capers at Central Bank, beer’s frothy times and a bad week for Facebook and Google

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It’s been a bad week for Facebook and Google, writes Karlin Lillington.

It’s been a bad week for Facebook and Google, writes Karlin Lillington.


Still don’t know what a tracker mortgage is? Help may soon be at hand for those struggling to understand the tricky world of personal finance and banking regulations. The Central Bank is looking at rolling out a number of cartoons that would more easily express what it does. The financial regulator is actively seeking animators to help it develop short-form videos that help explain its remit to the general public. Charlie Taylor has the details.

Irish-based health tech company,SilverCloud Health, has unveiled a new online therapy aimed at those caught up in financial difficulties and mental health challenges. Ciara O’Brien reports.

The craft beer revolution continues to take hold in Ireland with about 100 microbreweries now operating around the country, according to new research. Charlie Taylor reports.

Sappho Limited, the company that was recently acquired by The Irish Times from Cork-based Landmark Media, reported a 10 per cent fall in revenue last year, writes Charlie Taylor. Newly-filed accounts for Sappho, the media holding company behind the Irish Examiner and other assets, recorded turnover of €42.5 million last year, compared with €47.3 million in 2016.

Silicon Valley Bank has hit its $100 million (€86 million) investment target in Ireland, only two years after it announced it would commit the money to support Irish-based businesses, writes Ciara O’Brien.

Karlin Lillington ponders what a bad week it has been for tech giants Facebook and Google. Ciara O’Brien meets Niamh Bushnell of TechIrelandand finds that women are gradually cracking the glass ceiling.

“What is truth?” has long been a philosophical question since Pontius Pilate, and which for centuries the church used to answer with full authority. With the age of the internet, we need to rediscover what is true, writes Chris Horn.

Cantillon wonders whether rationing will return to post-Brexit Britain, has the market become inured to Brexit shocks and will it be the consumer that ultimately lose in the Google wars?

Charlie Taylor tells us how electric cars are winning over the petrol heads.

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