Motorists bought 390 new electric vehicles last month, bringing the total registered so far this year to 4,333. Photograph: iStock

Some 2,767 new cars were sold in the State in June, almost three times the number bought in the same month last year and twice the pre-Covid total, ne(...)

‘Home charging for many will be key, but for those living in apartments or with no off-street parking it is essential that the number of on-street fast chargers available is increased rapidly.’

The switch to electric vehicles can’t just be driven by carmakers. The infrastructure to support mass changeover has to be put in place too. While m(...)

The coming of age of the Gen Z group is coinciding with widespread availability of car sharing, services which have a predominantly young customer profile.

It’s a rite of passage – your very first car. Most of us of a certain vintage have fond memories of learning to drive in the family car, before “upgra(...)

There were 541 new electric vehicles registered in May, and almost 4,000 new electric cars registered so far this year. Photograph: iStock

The number of new cars registered in May rose to 5,955, more than triple the same month in 2020, when 1,741 new cars were registered. However, registr(...)

Online car sales may be way forward but there is pent-up demand from customers waiting to make appointments to physically visit the showrooms. File photograph: Getty

Click, deliver, drive. That seems to be, surely, the future for car sales, doesn’t it? Not so long ago, it seemed that Irish car buyers were firmly in(...)

The pandemic changed the traditional car sales process. Photograph: iStock

The most obvious effect of Covid-19 on the car market has been a quite dramatic fall in sales of new vehicles. “The new car market for last year and t(...)

An ever-increasing number of cars, including many mainstream models, now come with a built-in SIM card that allows ‘always-on’ internet access.

You think you’re just playing music as you drive, or maybe listening to a favourite podcast, but as soon as you tether your smartphone to your car, wh(...)

Dealers highlight the large size of dealerships and the low average footfall. Photo: Gettyimages

Motor dealers are seeking to be part of the first wave of reopening when Covid lockdown restrictions are eased. Gillian Fanning, president of the So(...)

The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission says when getting a car service to make sure you get a “quote” and not just an “estimate”, which is simply a guess at the cost of the work

If you were able to invoice €125 per hour, you’d be pretty happy. Assuming you work a 38-hour week, and take two paid weeks off every year for your ho(...)

The ‘rule of origin’ provision in the new post-Brexit deal means that if 60 per cent of a car’s value originates in the UK, you can import it without paying the customs duty. Photograph: Getty Images

Somewhat against the run of play, the number of used cars being imported in January of this year actually increased. It was only a small rise – just 3(...)

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