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Michael O’Hanrahan, who fought at Jacob’s Biscuit Factory, told his court martial he “acted under the orders” of his “superiors”, documents from the c(...)

John MacBride could have escaped before the surrender of rebels at Jacob’s Factory, but he would have considered it dishonourable, he told his court m(...)

(...) page, documents from the British National Archives show. The file on his trial, on May 4th, 1916, held(...)

(...) guilty at his court martial. Willie Pearse was tried on May 3rd, 1916, the same day his brother was(...)

(...) court martial took place on May 9th, 1916, and was presided over by Lieut Col Douglas Sapte assisted by(...)

(...) actions during Easter Week 1916. His rebuttal directly addressed the charge as set out in the court(...)

(...) and carried out on May 9th in Cork Barracks. He was executed by firing squad on May 9th, 1916, in(...)

(...), held in his file, included a letter, dated April 24th, 1916, that had been found on John MacBride, who(...)

Sean Heuston in uniform 1916

Republic” and dated April 24th, 1916. It was addressed to “Captain Houston”, signed “James Connolly(...)

To mark the centenary of the 1916 Rising, Ancestry. ie has worked with the British National(...)

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