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Philip Lynch: ‘My Irishness is seriously on the wane. Such is the inevitable fate for many of us long-term migrants.’

I’m not Irish anymore. It’s not as if I’ve had a falling out with Ireland. There’s hardly any angst at all. We’ve simply drifted apart with the pas(...)

Jonathan Drennan (pictured with Peter Todman): ‘The novelty of constant sunshine can wear thin very quickly when you’re away from your support network and out of work in an increasingly expensive city.’

After seven hours of hearing about Tasmanian dog training laws I just wanted to sleep, even for one precious hour. But my chair mate on Singapore Airl(...)

 The concept of ‘migratory mourning’ is emerging in modern psychology,   a clinical name for nostalgia and homesickness felt by emigrants and their family and friends left behind. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien /The Irish Times

There is something unnerving when you watch a grown man cry. He was in his mid-50s, dressed in overalls and work boots, and spoke to me through the ki(...)

Ceire Sadlier: ‘For a place where departing and returning emigrants flux daily in their thousands, Ireland makes it surprisingly difficult to slot out of the bureaucracy of life.’

Today was the first time I was tempted to re-emigrate when I realised I had my dress tucked into my knickers for about two hours at work. I have been (...)

JP O’Malley: ‘My hope, with this new event, is to bring the Irish expatriate community together for a regular night of culture and conversation.’

I interviewed the Irish novelist and journalist Colm Tóibín a few years ago about a book of essays he had just published, New Ways To Kill Your Mot(...)

Director of  Irish Community Care Merseyside Breege McDaid with Irish Ambassador Dan Mulhall in Liverpool. Photograph: ICCM

A reminder of the pivotal importance of groups working with Irish immigrants in Britain was provided at “Ceiliúradh airgid agus óir”, a celebration(...)

‘Appreciating the unique beauty of winter is a precursor to falling in love with your little corner of this great big country.’

Did you travel to Canada on a working holiday visa this year? Have you found a job in mining or construction on the Prairies? Are you are you emigrati(...)

Destination Canada, the first in a new series of  guides for people starting out in a new country, is already online.

Generation Emigration is three years old. It began in October 2011 as a response by The Irish Times to the exodus of 80,000 people from Ireland that y(...)

Rachel Healy: "Most of us have completely changed our lifestyles here: working out, eating well, skipping the pub every other weekend in lieu of dinner and a walk on the beach . . ."

Why did you decide to leave Ireland? I left in June 2009, soon after finishing up producing in TV. My then-boyfriend and now-fiancé Simon and I wante(...)

Vera Keogh: "We chose Bowen Island because it's only 20 minutes from Vancouver yet oozes natural beauty, in the form of forests and nature trails, and we are surrounded by the sea."

Why did you decide to emigrate? We left Ireland in June 2011 when my husband accepted a job offer in the mining industry here. My husband, myself and(...)

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