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‘Each day took me down a different path of reminiscing; the quaintness of Ranelagh, the bustle of Rathmines, and the peace of St Stephen’s Green.’ Photograph: iStock/Getty Images

“Turn left on to Landsdowne Road. TURN LEFT ONTO LANDSDOWNE ROAD!” Ok Siri, thanks, you can be quiet now, I know where I am. Sandwich Street (Sandwit(...)

Seamus Walsh with his family in Melbourne: ‘For 34 hours of care per fortnight we pay AUD$377 which is subsidised 50 per cent by the government, so we are out of pocket AUD$188 (€116 euro) or about $5.50 per hour.’

As new report published last week found the cost of childcare in Ireland is a major factor in discouraging women from participating in the workforce, (...)

‘In this field of healing, flanked by row upon row of flagpoles set five feet apart, we can stretch out our arms and touch two lives at a time, lest we forget what happened on September 11th, 2001.’

I have yet to be disappointed by what happens when my online world collides with its “real” counterpart. Landing on the virtual doorsteps of people in(...)

Serena Williams with referee Brian Earley during the US Open Women’s Singles final against Naomi Osaka of Japan on Saturday. Photograph: AP Photo/Adam Hunger

It’s been six weeks since I moved home to Ireland from New York. Six weeks is long enough for me to feel like I’m not on holiday anymore, or home for (...)

Jonathan Drennan with his fiancée Christina, who he met in Sydney.

When I left my dad at Belfast City Airport en route to Sydney four years ago, we hugged briefly, in that awkward way that Irish father and sons are wo(...)

Claire Healy:'The city has a population of almost 1.9 million. Is Vienna equally “liveable” for all its residents?'

Last week, The Economist’s Intelligence Unit (EIU) ranked the Austrian capital, Vienna, the most “liveable” city on the planet. I have lived in Vienna(...)

'On the list of things I’ve been anxious about with moving home, the pressure to become a sea-swimmer is right up there.'

The final push to leave New York was huge. Moving three people and their life’s worth of belongings to another country, across the Atlantic Ocean, was(...)

‘When I look back on those brown paper bags, they were the only visible manifestation of my difference. One day, when I felt an acute homesickness, they were my only company as I ate my lunch within the confines of a bathroom stall.’

Like most 12-year-olds, I had my own fair share of parental-induced embarrassment: the lack of fluency in young-folk lingo, sporadic warnings about un(...)

Ailish Lalor: ‘I didn’t want to pay UK tuition fees, so the Netherlands was a nice middle ground.’

As Leaving Certificate students around the country await Monday’s CAO offers in the wake of their results, there’s a chance that some of their peers h(...)

Yvonne Watterson with her baby daughter Sophie in 1998.

As we mark the 20th anniversary of the Omagh bombing, I am drawn back to the summer of 1998. A new mother living in the US, I had taken my baby daught(...)

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