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Sophie Parker is an Irish journalist living in Buenos Aires: ‘Following the result (in Ireland), a friend jokingly enquired if I’d be moving back. It has crossed my mind.  But it’s a fascinating time to be here, too.’

As Ireland took to the polls on May 25th, Argentina was celebrating May Revolution Day, commemorating the first successful revolution in South America(...)

Yvonne Watterson’s daughter Sophie with her dad Ken on the beach.

“Each day, we wake slightly altered, and the person we were yesterday is dead.” ~John Updike This is not a truism we consider daily. Typically, it is(...)

Nick Carswell: 'I am not the stereotypical immigrant in the US. As a white person, I enjoy a very real privilege in America... I might almost pass for a US citizen. But I am not.'

In January 2017, a week into Donald Trump’s term as president, I was waiting to board a flight at Kansas City International airport when I received an(...)

One of the reasons why I came home to Ireland from Canada often was to see my dad. I was very close to him. I loved to listen to his stories from(...)

Dee Mulrooney is an organiser and participant in the Craw arts festival in Berlin from June 22nd to 24th

When we lost our home in Dublin, my husband and I moved to Berlin on July 9th, 2015 with everything we owned in a van, along with our two boys and our(...)

Kevin Clancy and his partner Vicki live in Sydney.

“Chromosomal abnormalities” is such an odd phrase. It’s so clinical. It brought to mind teams of gene-like soldiers - mine in Cork jerseys, Vicki’s in(...)

Seán Bailey. Photograph: John Knutson

Mary McEvoy Bailey emigrated to the US in 1886 with her young son, my grandfather Joseph, in tow. The sudden paralysis and later death of her husband (...)

Grainne Gillis in London

Three years ago, when the marriage equality referendum went through, I was delighted for my LGBTI friends and in particular for my much-loved brother (...)

‘On the BBC, one woman described her 20,000km, 36-hour round trip from Tokyo, just to cast a ballot.’

This May it happened again: the country went to the polls, and thousands of citizens flocked #hometovote - an expression of global solidarity that rev(...)

John Cotter and son

I may be somewhat unusual in that I was 42 years old in 1994 when I emigrated to America. Despite my age, I had every confidence that life would work (...)

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