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Twelve years ago today I was 12 years old and woke up in my childhood bed in New York City for the last time. I hadn’t slept well. I stayed up for as(...)

Irish writer Patrick Holloway with his daughter in Brazil.

I have no idea how someone has the courage to consciously decide to move abroad, as I’ve never been able to do that. It was something that just seemed(...)

October 1955, New Zealand. Nineteen-year old Albert Black is in Auckland jail. Johnny McBride is dead, killed by a single stab wound to the neck follo(...)

Ned Monaghan, originally from Co Cork and living in Connecticut in the United States, has reignited a debate across Ireland and among GAA across the g(...)

Barry Dunning, originally from Co Kildare, has worked in Jakarta since 2017.

When you stand out in a foreign land - like a country man from Kildare always will in a tropical country like Indonesia - “where are you from?” is a q(...)

Lisa Loughnane of Australasia in action against Emma Carroll, left, and Eimear Clarke of Middle East in the Renault GAA World Games Camogie Irish Cup.  Photograph:  Piaras Ó Mídheach/Sportsfile

More than 1,100 players from around the world descended on Waterford earlier this week for the GAA World Games and have now made their way to Dublin f(...)

Lisa McNamee: A rose crown was placed on the bride’s head, and she was seated in the centre of a large circle.

It’s the time of the year when wedding celebrations are in full flow in Ireland, with most following a familiar formula . But what unusual and surpris(...)

Louise Brown, Lucy Dixon and Peter Benson (L-R)  protesting outside the gates of parliament. Photograph:John Beardsworth

Peter Benson, originally from Co Kildare, has lived in Britain for more than 35 years and is an active anti-Brexit campaigner. He joined a group of Ir(...)

People enjoy the hot weather at Hyde Park in London. Photogaph: Andy Rain/EPA

Britain and most of Europe is sweltering as temperatures are reaching record breaking highs this week. The Met Office said Britain has experienced its(...)

Alan Rownan (right) and his dad share a love of golf.

“How are things in London?” “Ah grand,” I say, “all good back home?” “Well, I was hitting the ball great at the range yesterday, don’t know what hap(...)

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