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Airbnb is now displaying total charges in the results pages in search queries on its platform

Airbnb has amended the way it presents pricing information to consumers after the European Commission took it to task for not being transparent enough(...)

This year’s elections have led to a three-way split in the European Parliament, with none of the “spitzenkandidat” able to achieve a parliamentary majority. File photograph: Getty

Top jobs – the rules and the traditions Every five years, at the beginning of a new term of the European Parliament, the European Council, which is m(...)

European authorities blamed Russian groups on Friday for disinformation campaigns designed to depress turnout and sway public opinion in last month’s European Union elections. File Photograph: Vincent Kessler/Reuters

European authorities blamed Russian groups on Friday for disinformation campaigns designed to depress turnout and sway public opinion in last month’s(...)

The Irish legal system is close to the bottom of several EU league tables of indicators of government commitment to the legal system.

Ireland is alone in the EU in having no mechanism for disciplining judges and has the third-lowest number of women judges in the lower and middle tier(...)

The most recent figures from the Central Statistics Office show that women were paid 14 per cent less than men in Ireland in 2014, based on gross hourly earnings.

Women are continuing to earn less than men with new figures putting the gender pay gap at 16 per cent across the European Union. In a report to mark (...)

Apartments in Costa del Sol in Spain. File photograph: iStock/Getty Images

The Government is facing the prospect of racking up daily fines for failing to implement new EU rules designed to protect package holidaymakers from h(...)

Puerto Rico makes the EU’s money-laundering blacklist. Photograph: Reuters

Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and four overseas US territories have been named on the EU’s blacklist of territories at high risk of money laundering. The Eur(...)

European commissioner Vera Jourova said people obtaining EU nationality should need to have a genuine connection to the member state. Photograph: Reuters

The European Commission is seeking to clamp down on “golden passports” and “golden residence” cash-for-visa investor schemes run by EU member states. (...)

Romanian PM Viorica Dancila, surrounded by her cabinet members, as they pay their respects for dead soldiers at the Unknown Soldier Memorial in Bucharest, Romania, on October 25th. Photograph: Robert Ghement/EPA

Romanian prime minister Viorica Dancila has called for a “truce” between her government and its opponents, in response to fears in Brussels that the c(...)

Cambridge Analytica’s former offices. Photograph: Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP/Getty Images

The EU is seeking the power to impose significant fines on European political parties that misuse voters’ personal data to influence elections, as Bru(...)

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