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County councillor Ruairi Ó Murchu  and former Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams canvassing   in Dundalk, Co Louth. Photograph: Dara Mac Donaill

Sinn Féin’s canvassers, lit up on a grey January afternoon in their party-branded high-vis vests, are fanning out like ground troops across the Cox’s (...)

The MSC Magnifica. Xiang Lei Li went missing while travelling on the vessel last month.

The body of an Asian woman, which was found in a suitcase in Rimini Harbour on Italy’s Adriatic coast on Saturday, is unlikely to be that of Dublin-ba(...)

The MSC Magnifica. A Dublin-based woman went missing while travelling on board the vessel last month. Photograph: MSC Cruises

The case of Dublin-based Chinese woman Xiang Lei Li, who went missing last month during a Mediterranean cruise, featured on Italian TV’s missing perso(...)

Chancellor and chairwoman of the German Christian Democratic Union Angela Merkel speaks during the 29th annual congress of the party in Essen. Photograph: Volker Hartmann/Getty Images

Angela Merkel’s announcement that full veils should be banned in public “wherever possible” signals a reversal in her position on the issue and an att(...)

Investors are fretting in wake of Italian PM Matteo Renzi’s imminent exit. Photograph: Getty Images

Italy’s Matteo Renzi will remain as prime minister until the country’s 2017 budget has been approved, as the political and economic ramifications of S(...)

 Newstalk  hosts: Shane Coleman, Colette Fitzpatrick, Paul Williams and  Alan Quinlan. Photograph:  Maxwell’s

In an episode of The Simpsons from the mid-1990s, a right-wing shock-jock called Birch Barlow berated the corrupt incumbent, Mayor Quimby, at a public(...)

 Relatives of earthquake victims sit in a tent next to coffins of their loved ones before a mass funeral in quake-devastated Amatrice, central Italy,  August 30th, 2016. Construction crews worked through the night to build a tent complex to host the service after outraged residents rejected the government’s plan to hold the service in a distant airport hangar. Photograph: Massimo Percossi/EPA

As if things were not already bad enough after the recent earthquake, the rains came down here in Amatrice this afternoon. Just as hundreds of peopl(...)

People sit beside  coffins holding remains of their relatives before a mass funeral for some of the victims of the earthquake that devastated central Italy,  in Ascoli Piceno, Italy. Photograph: Cristiano Chodi

The names were read out, one by one - Alberto, Clara, Giorgia, Pietro, Lucrezia, Marisol and 29 others. The litany of names seemed to accentuate the(...)

A drone photo shows the damages following an earthquake in Saletta, central Italy. Photograph: Stefano De Nicolo/Reuters

Three days after the central Italian earthquake which has so far claimed the lives of nearly 280 people, patience amongst some of the survivors is run(...)

Rescue workers with sniffer  dogs following an earthquake in Amatrice, Italy. The dogs have a tough time dealing with dust in their noses. Photograph: Ciro De Luca/Reuters

On the day after Italy’s most recent deadly earthquake, which at the latest count has claimed 241 lives, Amatrice was given yet another ugly reminder (...)

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