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Director of Equate  Michael Barron with Minister for Education Richard Bruton at a school admissions seminar organised by Equate last year. Photograph: Cyril Byrne/The Irish Times

A civil society group which lobbied in favour of removing the so-called Baptism barrier from Irish schools says a campaign of “groundless” complaints (...)

Minority faiths will still be allowed to prioritise members of their religion in order to protect their ethos in cases where they are over-subscribed. Photograph: The Irish Times

Most primary schools will not be able to give priority access to children on the basis of their religion from September next year, following the passa(...)

Catholic school managers say it is “over-prescriptive” to have to set out details of arrangements for students who do not wish to attend religious instruction.

Campaigners are calling for children who “opt out” of religious instruction classes to have their rights properly respected. The issue has emerged as(...)

Meeting the needs of all citizens should be central to our publicly funded schools. Photograph: iStock

As the public consultation on addressing the issue of the “baptism barrier” in school admissions closes, the Department of Education is due to hold a (...)

When it comes to pupils not accessing schools, the real issue is not religion but a lack of resources, says Catholic Primary Schools Management Association general secretary Seamus Mulconry. Photograph: iStock

Earlier this year Minister for Education Richard Bruton launched an extensive consultation on the role of religion in school admissions. He did so in(...)

At present  96% of primary schools are under the control or ownership of religious denominations. The “baptism barrier” allows schools which are over-subscribed to prioritise the admission of children on the basis of  religion

The exclusion of children from State-funded schools on the basis of their religion may be in breach of their human rights, a former UN official and C(...)

The survey found that 48 per cent of parents said location was their main factor in deciding on a school, compared with 12 per cent who said the school’s ethos. Photograph: David Sleator

A large majority of parents feel the law should be changed so that baptism can no longer be a requirement for school admission in State funded schools(...)

“We need to be accommodating at a time when 96 per cent of schools are denominational,” Minister for Education Richard Bruton said. Photograph: Getty Images

Plans to limit or remove the “Baptism barrier” from the education system will be implemented within the lifetime of the Government, Minister for Educa(...)

Michael Barron, director of campaign group Equate, with Minister for Education and Skills  Richard Bruton at the School Admissions seminar organised by Equate at the Alexander Hotel. Photograph: Cyril Byrne/The Irish Times

Minister for Education Richard Bruton maintains the Dáil “has an appetite” to deal with the ‘baptism barrier’ issue and that there is a clear timetabl(...)

The four broad options proposed by Mr Bruton – which focus on catchment areas, quota systems and an outright ban on using religion in admissions – all have potential pitfalls. Photograph: Eric Luke

Society has changed dramatically in recent decades, yet the firm grip of religious bodies on education means the system feels stuck in a very differen(...)

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