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JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass

In the course of this fatiguing documentary, Oliver Stone argues that, when it comes to the assassination of John F Kennedy, conspiracy theory has bee(...)

Netflix has acquired the rights to Roald Dahl’s works from the Roald Dahl Story Company. Photograph: Getty Images

This column does not believe that popular culture is going to hell in whatever less-hackneyed synonym you have for “handbasket”. There is a lot of goo(...)

Madonna: rude, raucous and hard to pin down. Photograph: Miramax

When the teenage pop phenomenon Billie Eilish recently unveiled a drastic new image on the cover of Vogue magazine, the internet went into feverish ov(...)

Town of Strangers

Somewhere in Treasa O’Brien’s fascinating hybrid feature (her own “reluctant” description), she makes reference to a famous Tolstoy quote. “All great (...)

Rene Russo as Dr Molly Griswold and Kevin Costner as Roy  McAvoy

The trouble with golfers is that we all take ourselves too seriously. God be with the days admittedly when you’d be at the 19th hole and someone in yo(...)

The Racer, Kieron J Walsh’s Irish cycling drama.

I’d a rough night on Thursday, waking up a few times with a strange and disturbing urge to jump out of bed and check my vital signs. Not when falling (...)

Costner  reportedly earned $500,000 per episode

If there’s a giveaway that a drama is aiming for rarefied “prestige TV” status it is the appearance early on of a dead animal. In the first episode of(...)

Alexandra Burke says The Bodyguard has been the hardest show of all the musicals she has done.

Stuck in long queues in hot stifling heat does not normally bring out the best in people but this night was different. Thousands were happily lined up(...)

The Bodyguard: Princess Diana wanted to play a role similar to Whitney Houston’s in a potential sequel

Kevin Costner has confirmed that the late Princess Diana was set to star alongside him in a sequel to the hit 1992 film The Bodyguard, in which he sta(...)

Ryan Tubridy again ingratiates himself with the real people of Ireland on this, the latest Late Late Show Country Special.

“Hello, it’s me Big Ryan Tubridy and I eat dinner in the middle of the day. My favourite bullock is called ‘de Valera’ and my favourite song is called(...)

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