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‘At one point during the session, only 26 TDs were present. There was, Miriam Lord noted, a very poor attendance from male deputies.’ File photograph: The Irish Times

When it comes to the rights of women and children, Ireland’s record is unrivalled – so long as what you’re measuring is blind eyes, hypocrisy or empty(...)

Steve Slusarski pedals Stephen McManus, founder The Bike Hub on Dun Laoghaire Pier. Photograph: Laura Hutton

Many people told us about kind healthcare workers, carers, supermarket staff, cafe owners and community volunteers who made their days better We(...)

Pope John Paul I: The Vatican’s Congregation for the Causes of Saints has formally recognised a miracle attributed to his intercession in response to prayers. Photograph: Getty Images

The way has been cleared for the beatification of Pope John Paul I, who died in September 1978 after 33 days in office. He is likely to be beatified i(...)

Imogen Stuart: ‘I don’t like to think to much about an afterlife, but I hope there is one.’ Photograph: Nick Bradshaw/The Irish Times

There are many beautiful pieces of sculpture, drawings, carvings and other artworks in sculptor Imogen Stuart’s living room, but my eye is drawn to wh(...)

Ms Rooney said that a majority of Irish people now   view the Catholic church as an “irrelevant” institution that should stay out of discussions about political and civil life.

Best-selling author Sally Rooney says modern Ireland’s secular pivot away from the Catholic era is incomplete, with unfinished business about why soci(...)

Size matters?
In a Word . . . Sex

We were late to sex in Ireland. In Britain, according to poet Philip Larkin, “sexual intercourse began/In nineteen sixty-three/(which was rather late (...)

Oisín McKenna In Speak Softly, Go Far audience members are invited to go to a place in Dublin that was important to them, but which is now gone.

If you’re in Dublin, chances are you’re not far from a building site. Maybe there are hoardings around it: computer-generated graphics of happy shoppe(...)

Online Mass: The  designated devotional area increasingly became a designated liturgical one: attendance at Sunday Mass. This was the one time in the week into which a Catholic could plough his or her pious energies.

When future historians write the history of Irish Catholicism in the 21st century, the year 2020 will likely serve as a marker of profound religious c(...)

Most people who attend or celebrate the Latin Mass are Catholics who are striving to be faithful not just to bits and pieces of Church teaching but to all of it. File photograph: Getty

An announcement from Pope Francis about the Latin Mass can still spur headlines and analysis around the world. The pope has not suppressed the Latin (...)

The Vatican contends that Cardinal Giovanni Angelo Becciu gave €600,000 to a charity run by his brother in Sardinia. File photograph: Getty

Oh dear. It was Jesus himself who advised: “No one can serve two masters. He will either hate one and love the other, or be devoted to one and despise(...)

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