You had probably forgotten these ever existed. Sorry about that. 10. KILLING BONO (2011) My main memory of the press screening was, as we staggered (...)

The Sarajevo street corner, where on June 28th, 1914, the Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s driver took a cataclysmic wrong turn

It has been rightly suggested that, on the model the old BC/AD divide, modern history could be separated as BS/AS: before and after Sarajevo. This bei(...)

Polish film director Pawel Pawlikowski described Sarajevo as ‘hard to sleep in’, not just because of the parties but because it’s a mindf*ck of history’. Photograph: Fehim Demir/EPA

“Michael, Michael” they shouted, gesticulating wildly with three fingered salutes from the cheap seats at a red carpet event on Susan Sontag Square. (...)

Sackville Street, Dublin, late 19th century. Photograph: The Print Collector/Print Collector/Getty

“A home is offered in the House of Medical Man to a Lady or Gentleman suffering from the milder form of insanity, but not requiring the restraint of a(...)

Rakel Mjöll (centre) with her Dream Wife bandmembers. Mjöll says listening to The Strokes provided  a jolt of excitement, energy and pure emotion.

As a kid living in Iceland, discovering new music was limited. MySpace or Youtube weren’t around yet so most of the new music I heard was when I borro(...)

Franz Ferdinand

SATURDAY FEBRUARY 10 Franz Ferdinand Leisureland Galway. 9pm. €35.70. Also Sunday Olympia Theatre, Dublin. 8pm. €55/€65 ticketmaster.i(...)

Franz Ferdinand: they have just released their fifth studio album Always Ascending. “We had an absolute ball making it. I think it is a fun record”
Franz Ferdinand are a band reborn
  • Music
  • February 7, 2018, 07:00

In 2016, Franz Ferdinand’s lead guitarist, Nick McCarthy, packed his trunk and waved goodbye to the circus, choosing to spend time with his young fami(...)

The Script: big nights at the big arenas

Imagining Ireland: 21st Century Song National Concert Hall, Dublin; Saturday, February 3rd, 8pm; €34/€30/€27; As part of NCH’s Perspective(...)

It was 99 years ago today and the world would never be the same. Armistice Day is the name given to November 11th, 1918, marking the formal end of W(...)

Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany.

One of the foremost historians on the first World War war has compared US President Donald Trump to Kaiser Wilhelm II. Professor Margaret MacMillan,(...)

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