Edward Daly

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Photograph: Stanley Matchett/Pacemaker

As Jackie Duddy (1) lay dying on Bloody Sunday, Hugh McMonagle (2) spotted a cameraman. “I ran down to him and said, ‘if you’re looking for a great st(...)

Martin McGuinness at the  funeral of IRA man Larry Marley in 1987. Photograph: Pacemaker

Martin McGuinness threatened to hold a dead IRA man’s body for a week amid tensions over paramilitary shows of strength at funerals, state papers have(...)

The eight-man IRA unit killed in a shoot-out with soldiers following the bombing of the Loughgall RUC station. Clockwise from top left: Gerard O’Callaghan, Antony Gormley, James Lynagh, Eugene Kelly, Declan Arthurs, Patrick McKerney, Seamus Donnelly and Patrick Kelly. Photograph: PA

Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams was rumoured to have set up a notorious IRA gang for ambush by the SAS as they tried to blow up a police station in Ma(...)

A man paints the “Free Derry” corner wall in the Bogside on Wednesday ahead of the funeral of former deputy first minister Martin McGuinness. Photograph: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

St Columba’s Church in Derry, where the funeral of Martin McGuinness is to take place on Thursday, was the scene exactly 30 years ago this week of one(...)

The British army checkpoint at Buncrana Road, outside Derry, where a car bomb driven by Patsy Gillespie exploded, killing him and five soldiers. Photograph: George Jackson

The widow of Patsy Gillespie, who died after he was strapped into a car and forced to drive an IRA car bomb into a British Army checkpoint, has said (...)

Sir Anthony Hart, chairman of HIA Inquiry. Photograph: Paul Faith/PA Wire

Some witnesses to the Historical Institutional Abuse (HIA) Inquiry said they were treated like child convicts. Others claimed they were forced to eat(...)

 Derry  from its famous city walls: Two passionate and enlightening tours offer diverse insights into this  historically pivotal town. Photograph: Henryk Sadura/Getty

“You may be wondering if you’re going to hear the two sides of the story, well not really. Others can tell their story and I’ll respect it, but here’(...)

In a word ... matrimony

“I’ve no wish to hurry you, luv. But have you seen the time? It’s quarter to 10 and we’re supposed to be there. At 9 . . .” I always liked those early(...)

A mural depicts the late Bishop Edward Daly (right) waving a white handkerchief  in the Bogside area of Derry. Photograph: Paul Faith/AFP/Getty Images

In the aftermath of the death of the former Catholic Bishop of Derry, Edward Daly, much has been rightly made of his devotion to pastoral work, his de(...)

The former bishop  Edward Daly, who went to the aid of civil rights protesters gunned down by British soldiers during Bloody Sunday in 1972 as a young priest, is to be buried in Derry later after a funeral in St Eugene’s Cathedral. Photograph: Brian Little/PA Wire.

A papal tribute to former Bishop of Derry Edward Daly in recognition of work in peace and justice has been read out at his funeral. As a young priest(...)

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