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 KBC Group CEO Johan Thijs: ‘What is still an annoying thing is all the tracker mortgage stuff and, honestly, we would recommend to Central Bank of Ireland: come on, guys, turn the page.’ Photograph:  Brenda Fitzsimons

The dreaded B-word hovered malevolently over the banking sector, like most areas of Irish economic and political life, in 2019. Fears over the impact(...)

Bank of Ireland’s new app has increased functionality by 50 per cent, has enhanced security controls and will allow customers to avail of a broader set of payment options.

Bank of Ireland’s new mobile banking phone app will go live for a “small” group of staff by the end of the year, but a broader rollout of this key pro(...)

Surviving domestic banks have cut their average non-performing loans ratio from a peak of 30 per cent in 2013 to 7 per cent at the end of June, according to Central Bank data. Photograph: Alan Betson

Some 35 so-called vulture funds have filed applications to be authorised by the Central Bank following the passage of laws late last year forcing owne(...)

BPFI CEO Brian Hayes: His plea for bankers to be able to speak their minds on major issues affecting their sector, and the economy at large, might get a better hearing if bankers weren’t so reluctant to apologise for their mistakes.  Photograph: Crispin Rodwell for the Irish Times

Free speech is the cornerstone of every democracy so bravo to Brian Hayes for saying that bankers here should not be put on the “bold step” for expres(...)

Central Bank deputy governor Ed Sibley warned that bankers are beginning to display echoes of pre-crisis hubris.

Won’t someone please think of the bankers? All these onerous rules and regulations – not to mention the relentless focus on good governance and consta(...)

KBC chief executive Johan Thijs: ‘Let’s now stop doing all the nitty-gritty stuff, which is an administrative hampering of the development of the financial institution  – and the financial market as a whole in Ireland.’

KBC Group chief executive Johan Thijs figured he was among his own kind when he let rip on a conference call with financial analysts on Thursday, bemo(...)

KBC Group’s chief executive Johan Thijs

KBC Group chief executive Johan Thijs was forced on Friday evening to apologise for “insensitive” comments on the country’s tracker-mortgage scandal, (...)

KBC Group chief executive Johan Thijs: “We’re focused on doing business, we’ve learned our lessons, we know what to do.”

The head of KBC Bank Ireland’s Belgian parent has rounded on the Central Bank of Ireland for its continued focus on the tracker mortgage scandal and l(...)

Central Bank deputy governor Ed Sibley has accused bankers of lapsing banks into ‘pre-crisis’ hubris. Photograph:  Jason Clarke

Central Bank deputy governor Ed Sibley did not hold back in criticising the bankers in their own backyard – at the Banking and Payments Federation con(...)

British prime minister Boris Johnson: nobody has provided a concrete assessment of how Irish trade with continental Europe, the trade that uses the UK land bridge, will be affected. Photograph: David Mirzoeff

Another week and another clatter of Brexit warnings. First we had the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) saying we could be flung into a re(...)

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