Charles Darwin

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 Looking north towards Tibradden and Two Rock Mt from Cruagh Mt. Photograph: Francis Bradley

We were born just around the corner from each other and an even 100 years apart, and depending on the play of light or the hour of need, my morning or(...)

Why are the runner beans coiling around the Dublin Spire? Given the rush to grow things in the locked-down city this spring, it seemed a nice, symbolic notion. Drawing by Michael Viney

A slight frisson of savoir faire attended my planting of the polytunnel’s first spring seedlings. If you’re going to grow mangetout then their variety(...)

The delicate pale yellow cowslip (Primula veris) is a spring flower that thrives in natural and semi-natural grassland. Photograph: iStock

Ecosystems, just like people, can vary in their health status. A healthy ecosystem hums with activity, the physical and biological components work tog(...)

The Prussian army’s regiment of giants – there really was such a thing – passed  into Irish folklore

In his role as unreliable narrator of WM Thackeray’s classic novel, Barry Lyndon frequently stretches the reader’s credulity. His tales are nowhere ta(...)

St Stephen’s Green, Dublin. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Charles Darwin was obsessed with pigeons. To be fair, he was also obsessed with barnacles, earthworms and plants that move and climb about. But pigeon(...)

The two notebooks, including Darwin’s seminal 1837 Tree of Life sketch, were removed from storage to be photographed at the library’s photographic unit, where the work was recorded as completed in November 2000. Photograph: Getty Images

Two Charles Darwin manuscripts have been reported as stolen from Cambridge University Library two decades after they were last seen. Staff believed t(...)

Like John Tyndall, who always underlined the need for science communication and engagement with the public, Tyndall National Institute in UCC has a major programme of science engagement in tandem with advanced research. Above  public engagement and outreach officers Dr Caitriona Tyndall and Alida Zauers with Albi Morrish in the Tyndall Atrium adjoining the cleanroom during Culture Night. Photograph: Clare Keogh.

Kevin O’Sullivan Environment & Science Editor The life of great Irish natural philosopher John Tyndall was summed up adeptly in 2018 when the pu(...)

Dr Mary Canning, President of th Royal Irish Academy. Photograph: Johnny Bambury.

The setting up of an independent network of scientific advisers is needed to advise government “on the formidable scientific challenges facing Ireland(...)

Swinging back the polytunnel door, I wish its leafy occupants a cheery good morning and ask them how they’re doing. Illustration: Michael Viney

My painting below shows the polytunnel, with attendant gardener, in another good summer years ago. I’m still down there soon after breakfast, carrying(...)

World rugby must strategically plan a new global calendar. Photograph: Jean Pierre Clatot/AFP via Getty

The economic earthquake this pandemic has created will deeply change rugby. The first tremor of the looming financial crisis in rugby was felt last w(...)

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