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Bear markets can be drawn-out affairs, with stocks taking just under a year to bottom and over 1½ years to break even. Photograph: iStock

The Covid-related bear market of 2020 was a vicious but brief affair; the S&P 500 fell 35 per cent in a month before promptly taking off. In contr(...)

The tech-heavy Nasdaq is deep in bear market territory, falling almost 30 per cent. Photograph: iStock

This year’s stock market losses are piling up. S&P 500 stocks have lost $7.5 trillion (€7.22 trillion) in market value this year, according to Bes(...)

Stock markets have traditionally bounced back from the uncertainty of wars. Photograph: Alexander Heimann/Getty Images

Ordinary investors could be forgiven for scratching their heads at the market reaction to a war few expected. Yes, stocks have been volatile, but Eur(...)

Investors are hoping that recent market drops are a short-term correction rather than the first indications of a bear market. Photograph: iStock

Stocks rebounded strongly last week but that doesn’t mean the danger has passed, as snapback rallies often occur in bear markets. So is this a run-of-(...)

This could be a scary year for investors but the volatility is nothing new. Photograph: iStock

Some talking heads have referred to the recent market downturn as a crash. It’s not. Yes, many individual stocks have been decimated. Yes, the sp(...)

The S&P gained 29 per cent in 2021 and volatility was unusually low. Photograph: iStock

Whatever about 2022, investors should be grateful for 2021, says Ritholtz Wealth Management’s Ben Carlson. There have been 17 years where the S&(...)

Average gains are actually very rare. Photograph: iStock

Most fund managers (62 per cent) expect European stocks to rise 5-10 per cent in 2022, according to a Bank of America survey. Such expectations are n(...)

A public screen displays the Nasdaq and S&P 500 figures in Shanghai, China. Photograph: Qilai Shen/Bloomberg

Stocktake noted recently that 2021 has been an unusually easy year for investors. Since then, things have got even easier. How easy? Well, the S&(...)

Geopolitics matters, but it’s best not to let global developments unduly cloud your investment outlook. Photograph: iStock

Dire headlines regarding the fate of Afghanistan on Monday last week didn’t stop US indices hitting all-time highs. Stocks sank later in the week aft(...)

Long-term returns may disappoint but another market crash is not inevitable. File photograph: Getty

No one thinks US stocks are cheap. But how expensive are they? The question is unavoidable, given the S&P 500 has doubled since March 2020 and no(...)

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