A blue whale: the animals became giants when climate change turned them into binge-eaters, scientists have learned. Photograph: Silverback Films/BBC/PA Wire

Whales are big. Really big. Enormously big. Tremendously big. Fin whales can be 63 tonnes (63,000kg). Bowhead whales tip the scales at 90 tonnes. And(...)

Former US President Barack Obama  at the University of Chicago on Monday night. Photograph: Scott Olson/Getty Images

In the three months since former US president Barack Obama left the White House, his bereft supporters have been keen to catch a glimpse of the man wh(...)

Former US president Barack Obama speaks during a forum at the University of Chicago held to promote community organising, his   first formal public appearance since leaving office. Photograph: Getty

Barack Obama said that immigrants to the US are being demonised in the same way as Irish people who arrived in America after the Famine. In his firs(...)

Former US president Barack Obama during a meeting with youth leaders at the Logan Center for the Arts at the University of Chicago on Monday. Photograph: Kamil Krzaczynski/Reuters

Barack Obama, making his first formal public appearance since leaving the White House, said on Monday that partisanship and special interests have poi(...)

Evolutionary biologists are making odd creatures in their labs by tweaking eggs and embryos. In one instance: a bird with a snout. They are doing this(...)

Future shock: The visions of a wildly prosperous future imagined in the 1950s and 1960s have failed to materialise

Less than two decades into the new millennium, humanity is building new technologies with seemingly limitless practical applications. Yet in The Rise(...)

Lauren Berlant, professor of English at the University of Chicago, uses the term “cruel optimism” to describe the need of creative workers to keep expecting the big break.

There’s one essential trait of modern employment that very rarely gets discussed – you have to be an optimist to survive. When you bounce from interns(...)

Prof Kevin Carroll: April 13th, 1926-December 8th, 2016. Photograph: Cyril Byrne
Obituary: Prof Kevin Carroll
  • People
  • January 7, 2017, 05:40

Kevin Carroll, who was professor of optical physics at University College Dublin from 1978 until his retirement in 1990, has died aged 90. He was a (...)

Elizabeth J Church: In trying to span a whole life, the author has missed the details that captivate readers

With its backdrop of nuclear bombs, marital discord, burgeoning feminism and love affairs with Vietnam vets, there are sparks of promise in Elizabeth (...)

When The Irish Times says, as it did last month, that “innovation is in our DNA”, as a geneticist I might be pleased. The problem, of course, is that(...)

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