Ken McCarthy, from Co Mayo, outside McCarthy’s Bar in Barcelona.  “If they declare independence [unilaterally], they’re a rogue state and you can’t trade with them.”

As he calmly sips a pint of lager at the bar of the pub he owns in central Barcelona, Ken McCarthy hardly looks like a man who is worried about the fu(...)

There has  been speculation that Catalan president Carles Puigdemont (right) might issue a unilateral declaration of independence. Photograph: EPA/Quique Garcia

Catalonia’s police have been ordered to cordon off schools in the region believed to have been earmarked for voting stations for Sunday’s independence(...)

Dolores Agenjo: “There is a fear, a fear of being identified, of being on a blacklist.”

Dolores Agenjo takes out her phone and hurriedly swipes through it. Eager to make a point, the retired head teacher finds the message she was looking (...)

The crisis in Catalonia is accelerating so fast that it is going to be very hard to avoid a collision that could be perilous for both Spanish and Cata(...)

People pay tribute on Friday, outside the Liceu theatre in Barcelona, to victims of Thursday’s attack. Photograph: Quique Garcia/EPA

It’s a cliche, simply because it’s important truth, that one’s first thoughts about a terrorist act should always be with the victims, to make some ef(...)

A Catalonia independence supporter holds up a Catalan Estelada flag, with the date for the proposed independence referendum, in Barcelona, Spain, on Friday. Photograph: Albert Gea/Reuters

The nationalist government of Catalonia has announced that the referendum on independence from Spain it wants to hold will take place on October 1st, (...)

 Carles Puigdemont,  president of Catalonia, and his vice-president, Oriol Junqueras (left), at a  ceremony in Barcelona to make official their commitment to hold a referendum on independence. Photograph: Toni Albir

Catalan nationalist politicians and activists have gathered in Barcelona to back a declaration underlining their commitment to a referendum on indepen(...)

Basque  independence politician Juan Mari Olano  at rally in Bayonne, France, following the announcement. Photograph: Vincent West/Reuters

Eta has handed over information to the French authorities about its remaining weapons arsenal, a largely symbolic step that comes six years after the (...)

The whirlwind unleashed by Brexit within Britain’s increasingly dysfunctional family of nations has stirred things up in the even more fractious Spani(...)

Former premier of Catalonia Artur Mas gives a press conference  yesterday. “We don’t regret a thing. We are democrats and we are proud of having given the people a voice,” he said. Photograph: Luis Genelluis/Getty Images

A Barcelona court has barred the former premier of Catalonia, Artur Mas, from elected office for two years for staging a referendum on independence in(...)

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