Michael Shine has been investigated and put on trial for cases stretching back to the mid-1960s. Photograph: Collins Courts

The jailing on Monday of Michael Shine for four years marks the culmination of a series of legal battles involving the disgraced former surgeon going (...)

The public acknowledgement by Pope Francis that nuns have been sexually abused by priests and bishops, is a welcome advance where that issue is concerned. Photograph: Tiziana Fabi/AFP/Getty Images

Pope Francis has taken two significant steps on the issue of sexual abuse in the past week. One was the decision to expel former US cardinal Theodore (...)

Sr Maura O’Donoghue, a Medical Missionary of Mary from Kilfenora, in Co Clare

Reports last week Pope Francis said the Catholic Church has faced a persistent problem of sexual abuse of nuns by priests and even bishops, seem to ha(...)

Sr Maura Lynch in the operating theatre in Uganda.

Victoria Coffey was 11 years old when her younger brother Alfred died. Her parents had already lost two children before Victoria’s birth and lost a ne(...)

Sr Mairéad Butterly’s work as an advocate for the women of Kenya was among the high points of her career.

Sr Mairéad Butterly, who served with the Medical Missionaries of Mary in six countries including Kenya, Nigeria and Malawi ( as well as Ireland, Brita(...)

Sr Anne Carr, a Medical Missionary of Mary sister,  took Bono  on a tour of a  hospital in Lilongwe in Malawi. “I said he was my nephew because strangers weren’t allowed in the hospital.” Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

The Rolling Stones may have had Sister Morphine but U2’s preference is for the altogether more savoury Sr Anne. A Medical Missionary of Mary, Sr Anne (...)

Irish Carmelite nuns in Kenya in the 1930s

As we step out of the airport into the bright Kenyan sunlight, it is hard to believe the ruddy-cheeked Cork man who has come to greet us used to coach(...)

 Caroline Nganga, Sr Ursla Agga, Lydia Birongo at the Medical Missionaries of Mary Mukuru Health Centre: They are only too aware of how endemic challenges such as gender-based violence and patriarchy are in the slum, and how difficult it will be to overcome them. Photograph: Bill Corcoran

When representatives of Kenya’s government attended the 71st session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York recently, its delegation clai(...)

Sr Ann Ward: April 8th, 1929-May 28th, 2016

Sr Ann Ward, who has died aged 87, was a pioneer obstetrician and a missionary nun. Her surgical speciality was the repair of the damage to young wome(...)

Dr Anne Merriman in Dublin this week: “None of us knows what’s going to happen after we die. Nobody has come back to tell us.” Photograph: Eric Luke

Anne Merriman, a former nun, has spent a lifetime looking after the dying across Asia and Africa: the experience has left her comfortable talking abou(...)

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