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Wojciech and Monika Kostka with their children Ewa (8) and Maja (12) in Arklow. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw/The Irish Times

When Wojciech and Monika Kostka’s daughter Maja began junior infants she was one of the only children in the school with Polish parents. Born in 2006,(...)

Marata Herda has lodged an appeal against her conviction. Photograph: Collins Courts

A 29-year-old woman who drove a man who loved her into a deep harbour, where he drowned, will seek bail in April pending an appeal against her convict(...)

Patrick Crean (left) and Greg Kavanagh: Mr Kavanagh  has called for vacant properties to be converted for use by  the homeless. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

All properties left vacant for three years or more should be converted to homes for families and those on the streets, according to property develope(...)

A girl who sued over an ankle laceration suffered as she got out of a swimming pool has settled her High Court case for €78,000. Mr Justice Kevin Cro(...)

Forbes Vigors (left with cycle helmet): May 24th, 1971-October 1st, 2016

Forbes Vigors, who has died aged 45, was an engineer and road safety expert whose work was indispensable to the efforts to reduce road fatalities in I(...)

Marta Herda pleaded not guilty to the murder of Csaba Orsos at the South Quay, Arklow in March, 2013. Photograph: Collins Courts

A 29-year-old woman has been sentenced to life in prison for murdering a man by driving him into a harbour, where he drowned. Marta Herda was a good (...)

Lorenzo Da Luca from Italy on Ensor de Litrange Lxii,  winner of the Longines Grand Prix during his round on the final day of the Dublin Horse Show in the RDS Dublin. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Four low-flying aircraft roar overhead on their way to or from Bray Air Show, but the cheers from the crowd on the ground in Ballsbridge are even lou(...)

Marta Herda, who has pleded not guilty to murdering her colleague Csaba Orsos, arrives at the Central Criminal Court in Dublin on Wednesday for her trial. Photograph: Collins Courts.

A Central Criminal Court jury has been told that a car driven into the sea in Arklow, Co Wicklow in 2013 was used ‘as an instrument of murder’. Prose(...)

 Marta Herda (29) of  Pairc Na Saile, Emoclew Road, Arklow  arrives at the Central Criminal Court in Dublin. Photograph: Collins Courts.

A woman charged with murdering her colleague by driving him into a harbour, where he drowned, told gardaí she had to “fight for” her “life” under the (...)

Marta Herda has pleaded not guilty to murdering Csaba Orsos. Photograph: Collins Courts

A murder trial jury has seen a video of the deceased celebrating his birthday with the woman alleged to have murdered him by driving him into a harbou(...)

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